Our Price List For Dental Work In Mazatlan

When you book an appointment with Mexican Dental Vacation, you can take advantage of inexpensive prices for dental work in Mazatlan that are up to 80% less than you would pay in the US or Canada

Here is our Price List for Dental Work in Mazatlan:

Procedure US Prices Our Prices Total Savings
Bleaching, Chemical, per Arch $400 $80 80%
Bleaching, Laser $1,100 $300 73%
Bone Graft, Synthetic Material $1500 $580 63%
Bridge, 3-Unit Porcelain on Base Metal $3,000 $1200 60%
Bridge, 3-Unit Porcelain on Gold $3,800 $1,600 68%
Valplast Removable Bridge $1,100 $420 62%
Cleaning $120 $60 50%
Crown, Porcelain on Base Metal $1100 $400 67%
Crown or Veneer, Metal-Free Porcelain on Zirconium $1500 $500 66%
Crown, Porcelain on Gold $1,600 $550 66%
Temporary Denture, per Arch $900 $490 46%
Partial Denture, per Arch $1,400 $490 65%
Denture, Upper or Lower $1,800 $980 46%
Denture Secured with Implants, MDI Lower arch $12,000 $4,500 64%
MDI Upper Arch, based on 6 Mini Implants $15,000 $5,800 62%
Extraction $120 $60 50%
Surgical Extraction $400 $100 75%
Filling, Amalgam, or Tooth Colored $150 $60 60%
Imtec Impant, Including Crown $3,900 $1,845 52%
Inlay $800 $260 68%
Onlay $850 $290 66%
Lab Cast Post and Core $500 $200 60%
Root Canal, Any Tooth $500 - $1100 $350 30% - 69%
Root Planing, Deep Cleaning, per Quadrant $180 $55 69%
Sinus Lift $2,800 $1,400 50%
* Prices may be slightly higher for cases where your work needs to be done quickly. Normal lab turnaround time is 4 days. The lab charges double their fees for "rush" work that is finished within 24-48 hours for those patients that want their dental work finished quickly.
Dental Gold Alloy we use. Very high quality and purity. 88% Pure Gold, 9.5% Platinum. Imported from Conneticut.

This is a partial list, but we do almost any procedure at a savings of at least 50% over U.S. and Canadian prices. Call us at 1-503-213-3779 (Please leave a voicemail and we will call you back). or
e-mail us using our contact form to request prices for other procedures.
Here is a link to a website that compiles dental procedure prices from most cities in the U.S. Use this Dental Costs Calculator to find the average price of dental procedures or the average of all cities in the U.S. You will see just how much you can save by using our service. (These prices were last updated in 2004, actual prices may be much higher.)
Dental implants are listed under Oral Surgery, and the average price of all cities is from $2859 to $6076 for an implant and abutment!
Here is a treatment plan from one of our past clients, given to them from a dentist in Idaho, for inexpensive price of $27,635! He saved about $16,105 by having the work done with Mexican Dental Vacation! *All personal information is deleted from this example.

Now, here is a scan of OUR final invoice, which also includes 6 root canal treatments, and 2 extractions, in addition to the work required above. By the time this patient showed up to our clinic, his teeth had deteriorated to the point that this work was necessary. Our price: $11,530! A savings of at least $16,105!!

If you have a limited time to get your dental work done, then it is important that you get an estimate from your US or Canadian dentist for all of the necessary work you will be needing, if at all possible. This allows us to book enough time for all of the necessary procedures that you will be need, and gives you an excellent picture of what you can expect to pay and how long everything will take. You will see just how much you will save by booking an appointment with Mexican Dental Vacation.

The quality of dental work in Mazatlan is just as good as it is in the US or Canada. Dentists have 5 years of education, at excellent schools, and they even use some of the same textbooks as in the US. As with anything else, there are some bad apples to look out for. That is why we pre-screen our dentists to make sure that they did graduate from an accredited university, and do excellent work.

Also, germs are invisible to the naked eye. What may look like a clean clinic, may in fact have germs everywhere. That's why we have a strict discipline in our clinic with sanitation and disinfection.

Why are prices so low?

Well, the economy in Mexico is very weak compared to the US. The exchange rate for the US dollar fluctuates between 10 to 11 pesos, and the average income in Mexico is $6230/yr, so dentists price their work to what people can afford to pay. When we come to Mexico with US dollars, we are able to take advantage of the exchange rate and get a bargain on dental care.

" I had $3000 in dental work, and I got it done in Mazatlan for under $500. The clinic that I went to was not clean and well-equipped, but for the money I saved, I will do it again. This time I will go with Mexican Dental Vacation in their US style clinic."

Tim K, Canada

It makes a lot of sense to book an all inclusive vacation package and then book a Mexican Dental Vacation appointment with us .

We can work around your schedule, and give you an excellent deal on dental care! To help you learn more about how everything works at Mexican Dental Vacation, we have written an e-book, a $29 value, which you can get free!

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