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How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Life

What are dental implants ?

Dental implants are titanium “ screws ” that are implanted into the bone in place of your teeth. They are the most permanent and trouble free treatment to missing teeth. They can significantly change your life, by improving your smile, and the chewing, speech, and function of your mouth.
They are very versatile, and can be used to replace a single missing tooth, several missing teeth, or all teeth on the upper or lower arch.

When used to replace a single tooth, implants are seated into the bone, and depending on the patient and the system used, the crown may be seated immediately, or the patient may have to wait 4 to 6 months to have the permanent crown seated. In some cases, the bone surrounding the implant may need healing time to anchor the implant to the point that it is considered a permanent solution. In these cases, the implant is healing just under the gum, and the patient doesn’t feel that it is there. When the time comes to place the crown, the implant head is exposed, and the crown is placed into the dental implant.
While the dental implants are healing for 4-6 months, awaiting the crowns or bridges, you will be provided with a “flipper” temporary crown or bridge, which will look like a tooth, to fill in the gap if the implant is placed in an area that is visible when you smile.

In cases where several teeth are missing, a bridge system may be used. For example, if 3 teeth are missing, 2 dental implants may be placed, and a 3-unit bridge loaded onto the dental implants. Or, if 5 teeth are missing, 3 dental implants may be placed, and a 5-unit bridge may be loaded onto the dental implants. In most cases, all of the necessary dental implants can be placed in the same visit. In cases where all of the teeth are missing on the upper or lower arch, several implants may be placed in the arch, and then a permanent denture is loaded onto the dental implants. There are several options for dentures placed on implants.
One option is to permanently anchor the denture to the implant, usually using special “screws” to attach the denture to the dental implants. Usually only a dentist can remove the denture.
The second option, is a “ball and socket” method of attaching the denture to the dental implant. This is really the best of both worlds, as the denture has the stability of a fixed denture, and the convenience of a removable denture. Several dental implants are used within the arch, usually in the same visit. The dental implants used have a “ball” head, and then a “socket” is placed into the base of the denture. The denture then “snaps” onto the head of the socket, much like the snap buttons on a pair of jeans, and is held in place. The denture will not move or disengage from the dental implants with regular movements such as eating or speaking. In most cases, the patient’s existing denture can be made to work with the “ball and socket” dental implant system, saving the patient the expense of a new denture.
When you need to remove the denture, apply pressure in a lifting motion with your thumbs, and the denture pops off the dental implants easily. Patients who use the “ball and socket” type of denture report that for the first time in their lives, they can actually eat an apple, or partake in physical activities without fear of losing their dentures! They say their lives are changed because of their new dentures, and recommend them to other people. Our price for the MDI removable denture system from Imtec is $4500US, but this includes all implants and the denture. You can expect a price of $10,000 for the same procedure in the U.S.
The image above is of the lower arch (jaw) MDI application, which is based on 4 implants. Since you have gravity working for you, 4 MDI implants are sufficient.
Upper arch MDI applications may require up to 6 implants because gravity is working against you, and in most people, the bone in the upper arch is less dense than the bone in the jaw. Since the bone is less dense, more implants are required to carry the load and to reduce the risk of implant failure.
Our price for the upper arch MDI treatment is $5800.
We use the Imtec brand of dental implant.
 Mexican Dental Vacation is the only dental office in Mazatlan that is run by an American for Americans and Canadians. We run the office to US standards, and our office is clean and sterile. Our dentists are fully trained in the field of dental implants, speak English, and attend continuing education courses to expand their knowledge and skill in the field of dentistry.
Our price for an Imtec dental implant is $1845 US, complete with abutment and crown. You will find that completed implants with crown can cost upwards of $4000 in the United States, so our price is a bargain! Make the right choice by making an appointment with Mexican Dental Vacation! If you are considering dental implants, Mexico or mexican Dental Vacation is the right choice.
You will find that we are a full service dental clinic mexico, and can get your work done quickly and inexpensively. Call us now at 1-503-213-3779 (Please leave a voicemail and we will call you back). We look forward to hearing from you!
Disclaimer : Not every patient is a candidate for dental implants, and we reserve the right to refuse placing implants in certain cases. Dental implants may fail, some almost immediately, some after several months. We do not guarantee their success rate, but it has been shown to be better than 98%.
This text was not written by a dentist, but uses information about dental implants available in the public domain.

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