Every effort is made to ensure that all of the dentists who are available to provide dental services are pre-screened for the quality and durability of their work. Mexican Dental Vacation is an Oregon corporation, and we are a service which refers clients to our dental clinic in Mazatlan, Mexico.

We stand by the quality and qualifications of our dentists, and the cleanliness and safety of our clinic. Dentistry is a constantly evolving science, and the human body is infinitely complex, and nothing is certain when any medical or dental procedures are performed. It is very difficult to guarantee that all dental work will turn out perfectly for every person.

We do offer this guarantee, however, as an extra service to our customers... If you have any trouble with our dental work, and you return to Mazatlan, we will repair it for free within 2 years. Any minor adjustments that you may need upon returning to your country, we will pay for, up to $100 US. Just send us the bill from the dentist that treated you, and we will reimburse you.