Why Dental Insurance Is Not The Answer

Dental insurance is like any other insurance. The insurance company has to make money, or risk going out of business. That means the money it collects from customers always needs to be more than it pays out in claims.
If a root canal costs $900, who pays for it when you have dental insurance? Well, it gets paid by the money that comes from premiums, and premiums come from the customers who buy insurance. So if you are not making claims, then your money is paying for someone else’s dental work. If you are making claims, someone else’s money is paying for your dental work.
So, if the insurance company needs to make money, doesn’t it make sense that sooner or later, you will end up paying more for your dental work through an insurance company than if you just paid for all of your work yourself?
The only way to come out ahead with dental costs is to pay less for it, right at the source - the dentist’s office!
This is exactly what we do for you!
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