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The Dental Alternative, Issue 14. Debbie's Story

October 19, 2006

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Debbie's Story

I would like to share with you Debbie’s story. She was in her 50’s, and had trouble with her teeth all of her life. She had slowly lost them throughout her life, and now was at the point that it made sense to pull what was left, and go with either dentures or implants, or a combination of both. As you can imagine, this was a huge undertaking for her, both in time and money. She was tired of not being able to chew or smile properly, and her missing teeth had affected the way she spoke, as well as her self confidence.

She looked at her options, and was presented with several by different dentists. She was also presented with several costs, none of which she was willing to pay, the prices were outrageous! There was also the time involved, requiring multiple appointments for a span of over a year. She started looking for options. How could she get this amount of work done quicker, and for far less money? She went to where most of us go to get answers, the internet.

That is where she found us. The idea of having a vacation in Mexico while getting her dental work done for at least a 50% savings seemed like such good idea to her that she immediately emailed us to find out what we could do for her. After a few emails and telephone calls back and forth, she had us book one of our timeshares for $300/ week, and came down to finally get the dental work done that had been troubling her all of her life.

After a total of 2 trips to our office, she was able to chew properly, speak clearly, and smile beautifully! She told us that she was amazed at how quickly she was able to get all of this work done, and what a relief it was to have no more dental problems. The solution? Mini Dental Implants (MDI). These were placed in 2 surgeries, each one taking about 1 hour. The upper arch had 6 implants, and the bottom had 4. Then, a denture that is much smaller and more comfortable (no covered palate) than a regular denture was fitted on to the MDI’s. They hold the denture in place, and the denture can be removed whenever Debbie wants to, for cleaning, etc. More information on MDI’s here.

She said that our price was at least half of what the cheapest dentist estimated for in the US, and if she had to do it again, she would do it in a heartbeat. She is now living an active life, and telling anyone she can about her great experience with Mexican Dental Vacation. How about your situation? Do you need a total makeover and don’t know where to start? Are you in Debbie’s situation, and don’t think there is any hope for you to chew properly and smile beautifully? Or, do you simply need to take care of a few teeth that are bothering you now, so that you can keep them for a long, long time?

Explore your options. Call us at 1-503-213-3779 (Please leave a voicemail and we will call you back) or visit us on the web at to get more information. You will be glad you did. Whatever your case may be, we welcome you to contact us at 1-503-213-3779 (Please leave a voicemail and we will call you back) or by visiting our website at We can help you with any of your needs, and get you on the road to great dental health quickly and affordably. You will not regret taking this first step. Do it today!


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