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The Dental Alternative, Issue 12. The Importance Of A Second Home.

August 01, 2006

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The Importance of a Second home

This is not a subject most people like to think about, but it is important to address. Unfortunately, the world has become a dangerous place, with several regions that are at war with each other, and several others that are enemies at the very least. Internet chatter is saying that at least one region could go nuclear in the next month to 6 months. Many people believe it is coming, so what can you do? I am one of the fortunate who holds citizenship in more than one country. I have a place to stay in more than one country. If anything were ever to happen, I could get out of a very bad situation into another that is not so bad. Given enough notice, I could arrange travel and secure enough items to last a long enough time so that a crisis could pass.

How prepared are you for some kind of disaster or crisis? Could you pick up and move quickly enough so that you are out of harm’s way? The time to prepare is before things happen, and when you see something bad coming over the horizon. Fortunately, you have a safe haven just south of the border. There are many places that you could go in Mexico where you would be out of harm’s way, and live a full life until a crisis passes. Real estate is still quite reasonably priced, and the process to acquire real estate and all kinds of tradable assets such as gold and silver are very easy to buy and store. Food is available and grows everywhere in Mexico, so there are less shortages thatn you would have in the US or Canada.

Why not come down here in the next month or 2, get your dental work done, and explore the possibilities? You would be doing a big favor to you and your family. There are several great real estate agents in Mazatlan, many which moved here from the US, and can quickly find you the property of your dreams. You would have a great place to live or vacation, and a safe haven to go to in case of a crisis. Your dollar’s buying power goes much further here as well. It is better to err on the side of caution, than to be caught unprepared. I am sure glad that I am here while all of this turmoil is happening. It gives me and my family peace of mind.

Pick up the phone and call us at 1-503-213-3779 (Please leave a voicemail and we will call you back) or visit us on the web at to get more information. You will be glad you did.


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