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The Dental Alternative, Issue 6

January 27, 2006

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Digital X-Ray technology comes to Mexican Dental Vacation.

We are pleased to announce that we have set up a digital x-ray system in our office! What exactly is a digital x-ray system? Instead of using film for x-rays, it uses a digital sensor. It uses 90% less radiation, and the image shows up on a hand held computer screen instantly, and can be zoomed in, enhanced, emailed, or saved to CD. Because it doesn’t require any film, it is safer for the environment, because it does not use any nasty chemicals, and because there is no time wasted developing the film, your work is done quicker. If a re-take is necessary, it only takes seconds to do, instead of many minutes, as with film based radiography.

The same system also comes with an intra oral camera, which is the size of an electric toothbrush, and it can take photos of the inside of your mouth, and display them on a computer screen. This helps you to see exactly what is going on inside your mouth, and allows the dentist to fully explain any concerns or treatment you will require. Since these photos are also digital, they can be enhanced, magnified, emailed, or saved to CD. According to a recent survey in a dental trade magazine, digital x-ray systems are used by only 12% of dental offices in the US, mostly due to the cost of the systems, but more and more doctors are switching to digital because of the obvious advantages they provide.

Here in Mexico, digital x-rays are used by less than 1% of dentists. Having this technology available to you, the patient, is a huge benefit of getting your dental work done in our office, and we will continue to add better and more modern equipment to benefit the patient. You can see the updated page here

Price update on our website

We have updated our prices on our website. All of our prices are the same as they were more than 8 months ago, and we do not foresee any increases in the next several months. What has changed, is that we have posted the lab fees that our patients have to pay for dental work. The reason that this has to happen is that we use several labs, and they are always changing their fees to us, especially when they have a full workload from other dentists, and we need to get your work done in a day or two. In these cases, they tack on rush fees, and there is really no way to predict what these extra costs will be. Since most of our patients are only here for a few days, almost all of our lab work has rush fees attached.

In order to put a limit to this, we have set our lab fees at a certain price, and this insures that the patient does not have to pay more for their work. If rush fees are attached, then we will pay for it ourselves. There is really no way to get around this, so the patient has to pay the lab fees. You can see the updated page here Even with the lab fees included, you will see that you still save 46% to 80% on your dental work compared to the US and Canada.

Important announcement in the next issue

We have an important announcement in the next issue, which we hoped would be available today, but we just can’t release it until the paperwork is signed. It’s a big one… In the meantime, you can visit our website for more information.

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