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The Dental Alternative, Issue 2

June 29, 2005

Welcome to The Dental Alternative.

A lot of new developments here since the last newsletter, and yes, I will get to what the mayor said at our last meeting, but first… Many people have taken us up on the offer of staying at 5-star resorts like the El Cid, Costa de Oro, Inn At Mazatlan, and others, for $249/week. Yes, the price has been reduced by $100 from $349 to $249. Act quickly to take advantage of it. If you are familiar with these resorts, the starting price for a room is $120 per night, so you are saving a ton of money on your stay. This is another way that we make it easier for you to take care of your dental work. On with this issue.

Summer Vacation! Driving to Mazatlan.

Now that school is out, or soon will be out, why not drive to Mazatlan? Now, before you think this is an impossible task, let me tell you that we drove down from Edmonton, Alberta to Mazatlan when we were establishing the clinic, and since then have made the trip twice, by car. All it takes is a bit of planning and preparation, and you are on your way.

Whichever route you take, the driving in the US is very easy, and driving in Mexico is not much different. We did not know what would happen when we crossed the border into Mexico, we had no idea if the roads were great, or filled with potholes. To our surprise, the roads were great! You absolutely have to take the toll roads, they are much like divided freeways in the US. The free roads are mostly winding, narrow, and dangerous. Toll roads are labeled “Cuota” and the free roads are labeled “Libre”.

Most toll roads are laid out so that they go around cities, so that the flow of traffic is free, but in some cases the toll roads go into towns. You have to be careful or follow a map to make sure that you are on track. Do not be intimidated about driving into Mexico, it is quite easy and safe, and the speed limits are high. This is a great way to save on airfare and have the road trip of your life. Here is a link to a website with more detailed information about driving into and around Mexico.

Now that summer vacation is here, it is a good time to Mexican Dental Vacation. Whether you decide to drive or fly, you now have some free time to finally do your dental work, and have a family vacation at the same time. The parasailing, golf, and fishing are great this time of year, so take advantage of it!

We have had many bookings from schoolteachers, now that they have a break, to come down to get their dental work done. Their union or state dental insurance covers most schoolteachers, but we have been surprised to find how inadequate some of these dental plans are. For a lot of teachers and state employees, it makes sense to come to our clinic to take care of their dental needs, pay out of pocket, and claim the expense on their tax returns. If you have been putting your needs off because of your insurance coverage, it may be wise to adopt the same strategy. Read on…

What the Mayor Said At Our Last Meting

The mayor in Mazatlan is unlike any other in Mexico. He was mayor a few years back then went into federal politics, came back to run for mayor, and won in a landslide. He is the only mayor to ever be re-elected. During our meting, he told us that he is bringing in many improvements to Mazatlan, including a beach-cleaning program. Beaches are federal land everywhere in Mexico, and technically should be maintained by the federal government, but rarely ever are. Already, we see cleaner beaches, and we hope that this program runs for a long time.

The mayor also said that there will soon be an express highway from the airport to the hotel zone, which means travelers will be able to get to their hotels faster because they will not have to go through the city as they do now. This will also speed development of the hotel zone. The mayor realizes that tourism is the number one industry in Mazatlan, and is working hard to promote and protect it. There have been increases of police officers and police cars, and this will definitely make people in Mazatlan safer.

How soon can I get in to Mexican Dental Vacation?

Many people want to know how quickly they can get in to see us. We like to have a week’s notice before you come in, but we can certainly arrange to see you sooner. For example, we have a client from South Carolina that called us on a Monday, and arrived on Friday, 4 days later. She needed our help sooner, rather than later, and we were able to accommodate her. If you would like to come in quickly, don’t hesitate to call us, we will do all we can to help. Of course, the money you save will more than cover your travel expenses, and as a bonus, you will get a beachfront vacation! Please look for the next issue of The Dental Alternative, we have a major announcement! This is so exciting, we can barely contain ourselves! Look for it in your Inbox soon ! Visit Mexican Dental Vacation Here

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